It’s not every day that you see Rihanna walking the streets of New York, dressed in black, disguised as a sultry and mysterious shopper.  But she’s not fooling anybody, cos we can still see her lustrous red hair.

What was she up to anyway? Out getting more ink, apparently, if her going into a tattoo parlour means anything. Sometime earlier she was given a red rose by an adoring fan and even stopped to take a photo with the lucky chap.  He looked very happy indeed, and though gutsy, we think he’ll have to do better that to woo Rihanna. Nice try though.

Rihanna going into New York tattoo parlour
Rihanna finds time for some Prada weighted lunges before getting inked

Our favourite Bajan beauty has been very busy lately, releasing the delightfully exciting video for her song S&M to much controversy and moral outrage. Despite the bad press, we’re convinced that it could have only been a good idea to wrap Rihanna up in clingfilm, ropes and kinky latex costumes. She even eats some ice cream and a banana in a suggestive fashion. A tip of the hat to the director for that wise decision.

Despite the controversy, the music industry still loves her. She has been nominated for 4 BET nominations in late June and earlier this year she picked up a Grammy award for Best Dance Recording for her song Only Girl (In the World).

If there were only one girl in the world we’d probably want it to be Rihanna. We're not too keen on sharing though.