Here at FHM we’re not about eclectic hairstyle choices. Just ask Monty, the barber we’ve been visiting for 17 years. Short back and sides, a little bit of ‘how do you do’. Bish, bash, bosh.

Rihanna doesn’t have that mentality, however. She changes her hair more often than we change our underwear (seriously). Maybe if we were internationally successful, we ‘d take more pride in our barnet. Maybe.

Anyway, Rihanna was out for dinner in Los Angeles last night, and her vivid red hair was shaped into a frizzy red scourer of a ‘do. Now, up until recently, we’ve gone on the assumption that that is her actual hair, but after seeing these pictures, we’re forced to admit Ri-Ri has been getting wiggy with it.

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Extensive sleuthing (read: Googling) tells us that her crazy wig collection can cost as much as £1,500 per wig. In line with this, we have produced a list of things Rihanna could get for the same amount of money that are infinity times better.

1: She could buy (and love) 3 Dalmatian puppies

2: Invest in a used Peugeot 206

3: Go and see Rango 187 times

4: Enjoy 1,875 Double Decker bars

5: Buy 3 iPad 2s

6: Buy 384 copies of this month’s FHM, available at all good newsagents and retailers

We think that’s a pretty exhaustive list; wouldn’t any of those choices be far more enjoyable than a frizzy red wig? For Rihanna, maybe not; she seems intent on channelling the aura of Ronald McDonald’s sexy friend.