Cor blimey, that Rihanna gets about a bit, doesn’t she? Yesterday morning we realised she had lost her legs, which are worth $500k each, later, she announced she was going to duet with Cheryl Cole and this morning we find out she’s on the cover of Marie Claire UK. So, that means the 22-year-old’s been featured in no less than three articles on in under-48 hours. AMAZING.

See, the thing is, RiRi’s had a really tough year, what with the whole Chris Brown saga, losing her legs and having to change her hairstyle every other week, but in her interview with Marie Claire she says she’s feeling much better. Which is good, isn’t it? We’re not sure how she made herself feel better, but we reckon it involved a full-English, two Ibuprofen and a bottle of Lucozade. That usually makes us feel better.

Actually, the reason she feels better is because she’s got a new fella: LA Dodgers player Matt Kemp, and she’s got a new album coming out soon, and she’s doing a song with Drake, and she’s going to duet with Cheryl Cole. Oh yeah, AND, she’s got her own perfume coming out, too, called Reb l’Fleur, which doesn’t actually translate to anything, but sounds like ‘rebel flower’. It was chosen by her fans apparently, because she has it tattooed on her neck. Now that’s originality for you.

If you want to read more about Rihanna and how she’s feeling better, then you should buy the December issue of Marie Claire. It’s out soon and will have loads of good articles and pictures in it, we imagine. Buying it probably won’t make you any happier, but at least you’ll be safe in the knowledge that Rihanna’s feeling better.

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