Rihanna has a new video out in which she dresses in a pair of pink PVC stockings and some weird nettingy stuff. Want to see it? Only if you buy some crisps. Rihanna's video for Who's That Chick can only be accessed by people who buy a packet of Doritos and get a special code. If you're not in the mood for some triangular crisps, this is what you would be getting. But imagine it moving about to music, in a probably rhythmic saucy way.

Rihanna wearing pink PVC stockings

Who's That Chick is a collaboration with David Guetta. You will probably remember David Guetta for his production work on Kelis' excellent Acapella, Black Eyed Peas' BLOODY EVERYWHERE I Gotta Feeling, or Black Eyed Peas' pretty rubbish Rock That Body. You probably don't remember him from Kelly Rowland's Commander, because that song was fairly hard to remember even if you've heard it. The Rihanna song is pretty catchy, in a THUNK-THUNK-THUNK-TCHK kind of way.

Rihanna in the Who's That Chick video

Hey, turns out you can watch the video without buying Doritos. The internet: It won't be tamed. Watch this to find out what would happen if Lazy Town took loads of drugs and got the horn.