RIHANNA’S GOT A GUN. Hit the deck! Our favourite flame-haired Bajan beauty has gone a bit mental in the video for her new single Man Down, gunning some bloke down in a station.

But wait, there’s obviously more to this? She isn’t a killer, she’s a nice girl isn’t she? Well, watch the video and you’ll understand the CONTEXT.

 Rihanna man down video standing
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Turns out Ri-Ri was hanging out at ‘The Club’, sipping a drink and twisting some shapes on ‘The Floor’. This guy in a string vest tries it on with her, and she brushes him off. She’s not looking to pull, she’s just having a cheeky dance with her best mate Sue.

But he gets all persistent, yea? And he chases her as she’s walking through the woods (she left The Club to go for a wee, maybe) and attacks her.

She’s proper upset by this point, and hatches a plan to shoot him. Well, we can’t quite justify the act of murder, but at least she had a pretty good motivation for the whole thing.

During the video, Rihanna does spend a lot of time crying by a waterfall, so she obviously feels bad about it.

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Rihanna came third in our 100 Sexiest Women poll, so if you’re still not sure what all the fuss is about, this video might help.

As for her next single? Rihanna is looking after her friend’s dog, but the dog dies, and she hatches a nefarious scheme to cover the whole thing up by buying a new dog.