While it’s no secret that Rihanna does most things better than us (partying, celeb mates, tattoos), the pics of her latest holiday still made us a bit jealous.

Sure, a last minute deal to Crete is good, even if a wallet-vendor does nick your flip-flops and you get severe sickness from eating a funny whelk, but everyone needs a break, even number-one selling artists.

Wish You Were Her(e)

Since Rihanna went on holiday and kindly put loads of pictures on Facebook, we’ve been having a look and fondly recalling our own holiday memories, which, while not involving private yachts and champagne flutes, were kind of similar.

In our heads, we thought a Rihanna holiday would involve barking at inept staff, ordering curried caviar and getting an exotic petting zoo flown in from a far away place. But actually, she eats loads of food, has an ice cream and dances a bit, which is very normal.

Rihanna was oblivious to Cliff-face's obvious leering

In fact, after seeing these pictures, we’ve placed Rihanna at number one in our Above-Normal Celebrities That Are Very Normal awards. They’re new.

Other contenders included Katy Perry (who was spotted riding a bike last week, which is very normal) and Emma Watson (studying at Oxford! Attending seminars! Doing homework in the library etc), but ultimately we think Rihanna is the most normal.

Rihanna wanted to look her best for when the search team found her

Then we heard Jay-Z was going to rap on her new album Talk That Talk and we thought well, that isn’t very down to earth is it? But you know, she has to still be an international pop star, and getting someone normal like Frankie Cocozza isn’t going to get her far career-wise, credibility-wise or artists-who-don’t-collaborate-with-idiots wise.