Earlier this week we may have mocked Rihanna’s wardrobe choice at the EMA’s, and it looks like she has tried to spite us. She went over to Italian X Factor and kept it flowery, just with a lot less flowers. Well more fool you Rihanna, we will find you on any version of X Factor and we will still mock. Actually we won’t. Because you’re hot and we couldn’t do it to you twice in a week.

We weren’t even mocking her earlier in the week anyway, we were giving it to the dress designer. In our eyes old RiRi can get away with pretty much anything. So whether this was her choice or someone else’s, we’d like to extend a hand to whoever decided she should stick this on:

Good call. It’s definitely better than looking like you were concentrating so much on your 3am kebab that you didn’t realise you were about to miss a bench. After her performance apparently Rihanna chatted to the Italian host in English, which must have seemed a bit odd to all of those watching who had no idea what she was saying.

But it probably wasn’t as awkward as our first listen to the new Beady Eye track this morning. It won’t go down as a stand-out moment of the week. In fact, it might not even go down as a moment. It’s a bit like the time we thought it was fine to use a half installed washing machine and ended up flooding the Chinese restaurant downstairs – we’d just rather forget about it.

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