It’s been a busy week in the world of Rihanna. Last weekend the Bajan lovely went all Pixie Lott on us, busting out some rather fetching hotpants to sex up her V Festival set, accompanied by some bloke called Eminem, and this week she's jetsetting around Europe. It's a hard life.

However, RiRi's had a bit of a tough time in the media of late, so it’s good to know that after such a hectic week, that she's taken some time away from the spotlight to recharge the batteries on a whistle stop tour of St.Tropez.

Sun, sea and massive yachts. It must be hard being a pop superstar

When we say "whistle-stop tour", what we actually mean is that she spent the whole of her time on a rather massive yacht in the South of France, larking about on really big rubber-ring and sipping cocktails while wearing an teeny-weeny bikini before moving on to another exotic location later in the week. So, not much of a tour, really, more an amazing holiday before an amazing holiday.

We had a whistle-stop tour once, it happened on a journey through London at Charing Cross station. Again, much like Rihanna’s, it wasn’t so much a whistle stop tour, we just happened to stop off at a WhistleStop convenience store on a hungover July morning. We bought a packet of Airwaves chewing gum and a bottle of water. It was VERY overpriced. Not WHSmith Lea Delamere services expensive, but still pretty expensive.

Anyway, enough of about us and our crazy tales of train station convenience stores and menthol chewing gum, back to Rihanna and her tour of Europe. Wherever will it take her next? Stay tuned to find out.

(It's Italy.)