Rosario Dawson is in a film called Unstoppable. It had a premiere. She went to it. This is how Hollywood works. She wore an extremely leggy dress that caught the attention of the assembled paparazzi. This is how publicity works. This is Rosario Dawson and these are her legs.

Rosario Dawson looking leggy at the Unstoppable premiere

Unstoppable, directed by Tony Scott, is loosely based on a true story about a runaway train carrying large amounts of dangerous chemicals. But this is a Hollywood movie, so whereas the actual train contained some acid that would be a bit harmful if anyone came into contact with it, the movie train carries a whole big load of super acid that could wipe out an entire city. Let's be honest, it's more exciting that way. Denzel Washington and Chris Pine play train engineers who try to bring the runaway locomotive to a halt. Rosario Dawson plays a train dispatcher who gets to shout brilliant lines like, "this is a nuclear bomb the size of the Chrysler building". Great.

Rosario Dawson at the Unstoppable premiere

During one of our frequent meandering office chats it was decided that Rosario Dawson would be in our top ten women we'd like to marry. As well as being ridiculously gorgeous, she also always seems like a proper laugh. This is a killer combination. Common belief is that men don't like funny women. This is totally untrue. Funny women are ace.

Rosario Dawson close-up