Khloe Kardashian recently hosted the 'Goodbye Cellulite, Hello Bikini' poolside party held at The NIVEA and Shay Todd Summer Chateau. Perhaps it should have been called 'Goodbye Cellulite, Hello, Rosario Dawson Is Giving Me A Cake Party' – because, really, that cake giving was and always will be the most important thing to happen there.

And you know if it were our birthday, we're sure who we’d want to give us birthday cake. It’d be either Spiderman or Rosario Dawson. But this article isn’t about Spiderman, and he’s probably too busy solving crimes to hand deliver us a cake every time it's necessary. Yes, it’s a shame really but we’ve learned to live with that same empty pain when birthday comes around...

Rosario Dawson gives Khloe Kardashian birthday cake
Not nearly gleeful enough Khloe, smile harder, clap faster, jump up and down! 

Anyway, you probably know about Khloe Kardashian, then? She’s one of the rather famous trio of sisters that includes Kim. Nuff said, really. We figure she probably gets loads of awesome stuff happening for her, bring famous and all. We doubt however that there could be anything in her life better than getting a cake from Rosario Dawson. And guess what? We don’t care if she lives in a solid gold house, and rides a unicorn from room to room, and is waited on by trained polar bears in black ties. That shit just cannot compare to Rosario giving you cake. Let's be realistic here.

rosario dawson in silver dress with a serious face
And then another picture of Rosario appeared and the article got better.

So, just allow yourself now to step into Kim’s wonderful world. Imagine your ideal cake experience with Rosario. What kind of cake would it be? How would she deliver it to you? Would it be for your birthday? Would you be at some sort of cellulite-combatting social event? We can only speculate.

But we do know, for certain, whatever your fantasy, there will be Rosario and there will be cake.