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FHM’s world-famous 100 Sexiest poll is widely recognised as the most exciting piece of democracy the planet’s ever seen. But it did occur to us that this year’s result, with Transformers 3 beauty Rosie Huntington-Whiteley coming out on top, was missing something: the FEMALE voice.

It’s an open vote of course, but much like our science GCSE physics coursework, perhaps not a totally watertight body of data. We know, for example, that receives 3m visitors a month, but we don’t know how many of these are women. Or aliens. Or just household pets with exceptional IT skills.

So we took to the streets to ask the women – and only the women - of London who they think the sexiest woman in the world is. And one name kept popping up; a woman who was listed, officially, as the 45th sexiest women in the world this year: Beyonce.

A glaring oversight? The Glastonbury effect? What do the women know that us men don't? Leave your vote, and comments, below…