We have to admit, when we heard Megan Fox wasn’t going to be coming back for Transformers 3, our heart sank as if a troupe of colourful but ultimately evil robots were flying around and destroying our loved ones.

They say every cloud… and all that. But there was a definite mourning period. We watched the first Transformers, and we laughed, we cried.

We watched the second, and hurled the DVD player out the window. That film was terrible.

But ever since we learned Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley would be stepping in to take the female lead in Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon we’ve been a little bit more excited.

But what about the original Transformers Grrrrl? The one that bent over classic cars and was a wonderful distraction during Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen? She's fine - check out Megan Fox wearing bright lipstick. Yea. She’s doin' fiiiiine.

The film’s 30 second trailer cost $3,000,000 and was shown during the Super Bowl. While little plot was explained, we got to see Rosie display all her "shit, these robot’s look mad" skillz to the max. And she dun good.

According to reports, the film involves the Autobots (lol) and the Decepticons (wtf) racing to the moon in order to get to a crashed Cybertronian (?!?) craft.

It might be an ironic title – we don’t recall an actual Eclipse in Twilight: Eclipse. Or anything fantastic about Fantastic Four.

The moon could be like, a metaphor for the spirit of a robo- actually, you know what? We’re not too concerned with the plot, we’d just like to see as much of Rosie H-W as possible.