Well, she must do. Having just launched Burberry's new fragrance (called, appropriately, Burberry Body) at Macy's in New York yesterday, we can imagine she must have been able to blag a free bottle or two. Or at the very least nick a spray from the display product when nobody was looking.

But what exactly does Rosie Huntington-Whiteley smell of, anyway? Normally we imagine she smells like fresh-baked rolls or cut grass or something equally lovely, but as she's no doubt slathered in Burberry Body we can do actual research into that question with scent notes rather than just hanging around her house and trying to smell her like we normally do.*

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley launches Burberry's new fragrance
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It starts off with a heady note of Freesia – don't know why you'd want to smell of cows, but let's press on – and follows up with a hefty belt of Green Absinthe, so first impressions are that of a 1920's French slaughterhouse drunk. We assume. Perfume's not exactly our strong point, you'll be surprised to hear.

The middle notes – iris and rose – don't offer much, so we'll gloss over them and focus on the woody base notes of Sandalwood and Cashmeran. Aren't those both Pokemon? Yeah, we're sure they are. They're in Pearl or something, one of the new daft ones. Rosie now comes complete with that New Pokemon smell. And finally, of course – just like Kim Kardashian's perfume – it's got musk in it, which is a chemical designed to smell like a deer's taint. 

So, in short – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley smells like cows, booze, Pokemon, and deer bums. Maybe we ought to revise that headline.

*We don't normally do that, just to be absolutely clear. Jason Statham said he'd kill us if he ever saw us hiding in the bushes again