Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is sexy, she doesn’t have to care about what you think. She’s a wild child. A liberated spirit. If she wants to misbehave, then damnit, she’ll misbehave.

Here you can see her vandalising a car in front of thousands of people – it’s a bit like when Britney assaulted one with an umbrella, but sexier. And less cause for concern. We’re glad she’s doing better now, even if she is misbehaving in her new video.

But yeah – Rosie just don’t give a fuck. “But wait FHM,” you might say. “It seems like Rosie’s at the premier for that new Transformers 3 film you’ve been banging on about seemingly forever because you like a) giant robots and b) beautiful women. Isn’t she actually just signing part of a car?”

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the NYC Transformers Premiere
"Is that Bumblebee behind me? Whatever, I don't even care"

To which we’d respond – “How did you get in here? Security!” because you caught us in a lie and we feel ashamed. We don’t have to deal with feeling ashamed for very long, though, as we have large burly ogre-type security staff at FHM towers who will appear at the snap of a finger and throw you in our official FHM moat.

But, as the official FHM crocodiles snap your interloping bones in twain and your screams carry all the way down Shaftesbury Avenue, we’re forced to admit that you’re right. And a bit dead. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley isn’t actually vandalising a car at all, but is instead creating a piece of priceless movie memorabilia along with Shia LeBeouf, Michael Bay, and the other stars of the film.

Still, she looks lovely though, don’t you think?