Hooray, for England, Rosie Jones and the World Cup. Rosie Jones is the 5ft 7in, 19-year-old Middlesex 'stunna' with a body that would make most men believe in God, which is handy as Jones is also a Christian. It's been an impressive couple of years for Rosie. After graduating from sixth form with four A-levels including psychology, theatre studies and the slightly nebulous sounding 'general studies', she moved to London to begin a modelling career that's seen her become a mainstay of Page 3 and cause the spontaneous combustion of most of the men in her old tutor group.

She's currently starring as 'the Access girl' in the July issue of FHM, mainly because a man called Gary Maddox refused to buy the magazine again until we featured her. Why? Because the 77th sexiest woman in the world (official) has a naturally curvaceous body (30F), owns the world record for 'the most bras worn and removed in one minute' and has released her own sell-out calendar. Gary Maddox had a point. If there's a woman out there you'd like to see featured in the magazine, email access@FHM.com. Now-ish.