Yeah, Roxanne McKee. The pretty lady with the brilliant lips who used to be in Hollyoaks playing the character Louise Summers who was killed in December 2008 when her fiancé Warren Fox killed her on their wedding day. Obviously. Warren was a real dick though, so Louise should really have seen that coming.

These days, Roxanne McKee is in a programme called Lip Service about a bunch of twenty-something lesbians living the dream in Glasgow. In the video above, Roxanne McKee is “faking” an orgasm, a deed she seems pretty embarrassed about.

Surely, though, it would have been a whole load more embarrassing if she’d had a real proper actual orgasm. By accident, you know. But not completely by accident because someone is pretending to do a cunnilingus on her, which could be pretty arousing in the right circumstances. Certainly if we were in bed with someone who was pretending to perform oral sex on us it might produce a loin tingle.

Possibly not when there’s a camera crew sticking their equipment in your face and telling you to move your head either “slightly left” or “slightly right” or “slightly up” or “slightly down” or “slightly more like you’re having a massive orgasm” or “slightly less like this is an unpleasant experience for you” or “slightly less like your actual sex face because I’ve seen that and it looks like you’re trying to squeeze out a fart” so you look good on camera. Which Roxanne Mckee does. Because she’s pretty. So that’s alright then.

Lip Service is out on DVD today