The Ryder Cup's sexiest WAGs

Posted by , 01 October 2010

The Ryder Cup's sexiest WAGs


The Ryder Cup starts today. That means a painful two-year wait is over and Europe has the opportunity to get revenge on the trophy-stealing burger-eating Americans.

We’re not silly. We know a lot of you won’t be ardent golf fans. Heck, some of you might even think it’s ‘boring’, ‘stuffy’ and ‘only played by fat men in silly trousers’.

But, what about when golf offers Europe a chance to get one over on America? That’s infinitely more interesting. And what about, rather than counting bogeys and birdies, we count ludicrously hot women? Now you’re talking our language.

So, which Ryder Cup team has the hottest women, Europe or USA?

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