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Posted by , 28 April 2011

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Age: 19
Job: Model
Drink: “A nice tropical cocktail, something with mango."
Film: The Hangover, Due Date
From: Latvia, now London
Brand: Louis Vuitton, Gucci

Where did we meet?
At the bus stop.

Glamorous. You weren’t driving, were you?
Ha! No, we were both waiting. You were looking at me and I looked back and smiled. You came and said hello and told me I’m beautiful. I giggled, you asked if you could take me out and I said yes.

How soon did we go out?
After a week.

How was the date?
It was good. We went to a restaurant; the meal was very nice and we had a good chat. There was lots of flirting.

Did we kiss?
No, we just had a goodbye hug.

Oh. How come we didn’t kiss?
Because I’m hard to get and like teasing you.

Dare we ask… how long until we slept together?
Four months.

Was it worth the wait?
It was good, for the first time. But, of course, it was going to get better.

Marks out of ten?
About a six.

That’s nothing to write home about…
I think you were just a bit nervous.

How could it have been better?
(Laughs) Make it last a bit longer.

Moving on… have we done anything to spice up our sex life?
We do it in the shower. And I handcuff you to the bed.

I’ve just come home with your name tattooed on my arm…
I’d have mixed feelings. I’d be happy but also pretty shocked. You never know what could happen in the future: you could be stuck with my name on your arm and not be with me…

Shall we go out or stay in?
I like a nice, cosy night in.

When I’m in the shower, will you come in and use the loo?
Erm, no. Unless it’s very urgent…

What about if we popped in while you’re showering?
I’d find it funny.

We’ve just bumped into my ex. Are you jealous?
No. She’s your ex, and you’re with me – there’s nothing to be jealous about.

Do you think we’ve got a future?
I think so, yes.  

While you were out I did some washing, unfortunately your favourite dress didn’t fare well…
I’d be upset, but I wouldn’t punish you too much. Maybe just a little bit…

What’s a little bit of punishment?
Well, erm… actually it might turn into sex ’cos I’m angry and my emotions are heightened.  

Angry sex?
Yeah, if you’d be up for it…

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