Britain's Top 10 Sexy Reality Television Stars

Posted by , 15 April 2011

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Big break: Popstars: The Rivals, 2002

The Hard-meister bagged a place in Girls Aloud alongside Cheryl Cole to form one of the fiercest (read: sexiest) bands around.

She fulfilled all of our blonde pin-up dreams until recently becoming a brunette, which just makes those piercing blue eyes demand our attention all the more.

She claims to have reformed from her wild child days, but we refuse to believe it. Give her a bottle of Lambrini and a dancefloor and prepare for fireworks, we reckon.

Regularly gracing FHM's 100 Sexiest clearly isn't enough for greedy Shardy - she snuck into the Top 100 High Street Honeys after she sent in some snaps of herself and some wally in admin didn't recognise her.

Having previously been the face of FHM lingerie favourite Ultimo, thoughtful Sarah made it acceptable for us to ogle pictures of her in her skimpies under the pretence we're 'buying the girlfriend a nice present'. "HAHA! We don't have a girlfriend or the money to buy one a present anyway - the joke's on you! Oh... Sad face."

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