The Lord giveth. And he taketh away. This morning, he presented us the dazzling ray of light that was Sienna Miller’s break-up with Jude Law. And this afternoon, he has massacred us with the massive thunderbolt that is this shot of Sarah Harding of stumbling out of last night’s Jersey Shore party at London’s Mahiki nightclub.

Now don’t get us wrong, we usually love Girls Aloud’s blondest member, but what. The. Hell. Has. Happened. To. Her? Has she swallowed a golf ball? Is she battling to keep in some chunder? Or is she just sucking a really, really sour sweet.

Do you want to hear a story about the last time FHM sucked a really, really sour sweet? Of course you do. We were dressed like a slutty air stewardess and competing in a darts tournament in Cramlington, near Newcastle. We played three games and lost them all. We’re not very good at darts.

But back to the 35th Sexiest Woman in the World, who recently revealed that she has taken up fishing. “Me and Tommy (her fiancé) love it,” she smiled. “The first time we went out, we didn’t catch anything, so we went back out the following day at the crack of dawn. We got up at 4.30am and were there for hours. But it paid off. It was brilliant.”

Slightly less brilliant, however, is the point of this article. Namely: Sarah’s trout pout. Say it was just a trick of the light, Lord? Say it was just a trick of the light…

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