Sarah Jean Underwood is Bustice, G4’s new superhero who doles out big weighty handfuls of justice at every turn.

If you’ve ever been into a comic book shop, you’ll know that breasts feature pretty heavily in front cover art for superheroes. Most comics, if they’re not made up of some atry-farty abstract nonsense or a picture of something iconic, have a female cast member on front bending around in poses that would be anatomically impossible for a living human to recreate, but show off their breasts pretty well. Some artists are famed for this.

Bustice realised that with no pockets and no bag, she must have left her wallet at home

Whether or not this has anything to do with the contents of the book is irrelevant, generally. But G4's new superhero Bustice, played by Playboy Playmate Sarah Jean Underwood, could put as many breasts on her cover as she likes and they’d remain relevant. Although, really, two would probably be enough.

Bustice (much like her predecessor, Striperella, voiced by Pamela Anderson) is an openly breast-themed superhero. We’re okay with this state of affairs. There could be more breast-themed superheroes, even. She “solves” crimes by smothering people with her breasts. There’s not an awful lot more to her than that. She doesn’t appear to have much in the way of superpowers. Just some fairly large breasts and an overdeveloped sense of community spirit.

The Hipster, Bustice's sidekick, was quickly phased out

While G4 are “still working on a movie deal” for Bustice (a statement which we sort of hope is a joke, and sort of hope is true) fans of her will have to make do with the video, these pictures, and – if you’ve not got much to do today – a blooper reel, too.