Ronnie O’Sullivan is a genius. He gets bored playing one of the hardest games ever invented because he finds it too easy. He did THIS today. In short: he refused to pot the final black to complete a 147 break because there wasn’t any prize money. He said: “What's the point of making a 147 if you're only going to make £4,000?” What a man! What a prick! What a brilliant, amazing, damaged, insane, incredibly entertaining, cocky and awesome prick! Then the referee persuaded him to pot the pink by saying things like “come on, do it for your fans”. So he did it. Go on Ronnie. Go on son. Go on Ronnie. Go on son.

Similarly, Scarlett Johansson is good at both acting and modelling. She doesn’t do a huge amount of acting at the moment. Only one film this year (Iron Man 2), one last year (He’s Just Not That Into You) and three the year before that (He’s Not That Into You, The Spirit, Vicky Cristina Barcelona). Plus, right, she's only got one future film planned (according to IMDB), The Avengers, which isn’t coming out until 2012. What’s happening? Marriage, maybe. Babies, perhaps. So rich she doesn’t really need to work, possibly. Thank GOD for Mango then, eh? Keeping Scarlett alive. Keeping her scent on the tip of our noses. Keeping her unblemished face in, but protected from, the sun. Keeping her plump lips looking juicy, but never like they’ve been botoxed. Keeping her strong, but not too strong. “So black! So strong!” That’s a funny lyric from an Iggy Pop song called Turn Blue.