Scarlett Johansson has been getting her model on once again for Mango. Now, we’re not slow on picking up when Scarlett does this, because she looks so damn good doing it. Plus she’s a married woman and seems to do less of getting her cleavage out these days. Let’s not dwell on that though, it makes us sad.

These images are from Mango’s new winter campaign. Now, seeing as our expertise in women’s fashion is something akin to Stevie Wonder’s jet flying proficiency we’ll just stick to looking. And what we have managed to deduct from them is that Scarlett looks really good lying on a chaise longue:

And looks equally fine leaning against a wall:

And when someone looks hot doing such trivial stuff – however constructed it is – then they’re going to look good pretty much all of the time.

She really seems to like that chaise longue. And actually, lying on one isn’t that trivial. Unless you’re one of Berlusconi’s mistresses or Kate Winslet in Titanic you’ve probably never planted yourself on a chaise longue. And why would you; it’s half a sofa. You go to sit down, there’s no arm at the end you’re sitting, so you lean back in frustration and…yeah, legs pointing north. The French really do come up with some stupid stuff.

You know what they didn’t come up with though? Scarlett Johansson. Her parents came up with her – the Poles and the Danes can take a bit of credit too – and for that we thank them: