“Ah, Miss Johansson, please, come in, sit down. I trust you found the offices okay? Since we moved to this cavern I found underneath my new deserted house that’s miles and miles away from any help I’ve had terrible trouble with the post, I only managed to get the broadband sorted last week! A nightmare as you can imagine. Can I get you a drink at all? Maybe a glass of water from this conveniently placed carafe that’s out of your eye line? Good. Now, let’s begin. I can see from your CV that you’re 25 years old? And you live alone? Oh I see, with your husband? Gosh haven’t times changed. And does he keep a close tab on your whereabouts? I see from your resume that you also do the odd spot of am dram? I dabbled myself at college, nothing serious but I once played the Marquis de Sade in a disastrous production of The 120 Days of Sodom. As housemasters I must say we may have taken it a step too far with the first year boys, the incident with the discipline paddle was regrettable…"

Sorry about that, you just caught a snippet of our inner dialogue there. Scarlett Johansson is of course a wonderful actress and we are in no way
intending to trick her into visiting us in a secluded house. On the contrary, we, like you,
will be enjoying this wonderful picture from the D&G campaign as well as the gallery below.