Scarlett Johansson has recently fronted a campaign for makers of posh fizzy wine Moët & Chandon. Well, it wasn’t that recently. It was back in January. We told you about it and everything. 

But since then, much like Steve McQueen might slip past a guard in The Great Escape or a shiny pinball might clatter down between the flippers, this video slipped past us. And that simply won’t do.

The video, much as you would expect, shows Scarlett looking gorgeous, larking around and flogging champagne. She doesn’t appear to drink much of it, though – instead she climbs ladders, bends over, reclines luxuriously on sofas floating above lakes, that sort of thing. No different from what any of us would get up to, really.

Scarlett Johannson Moet Chandon Sofa
Scarlett put on a brave face as she knew her telekinesis wouldn't hold out for much longer

The titles in the film are a bit weird. Apparently Scarlett is “in the Moët for glamour” – did they mean “mood?” Is that a pun? Maybe it’s a French thing. We bet it’s hilarious in France.

She’s also “in the Moët for sharing the magic” and “in the Moët for celebration.” They more you read it, the more it sounds like the showtune We’re in the Money and suddenly the obvious option is revealed – they should have recut it to say We’re in the Moët and have Scarlett belt it out at the top of her voice whilst standing in a paddling pool full of champagne.

We'd buy that for a dollar

She signs off by wishing us “all her Moët,” which is very nice of her if we take it literally, because she can probably afford a lot of fizzy wine. Although if we use the same code as before she’s wishing us “all her mood,” which is bollocks. 

The only conclusion is that the Moët & Chandon use the same rules of language as smurfs, and replace any word that they can’t immediately think of with “moët.” Chumps.