Hey, how’s your day going?

Maybe it's going well. You might be having a really good day. Perhaps you had a brilliant Valentine's Day with a loved one and you're both basking in the warm glow of love. Maybe you cooked a really delicious breakfast this morning and you got your poached eggs spot on for the first time in aaaaaages. Perhaps you got some really exciting post. A package, even. There's nothing better than exciting post. The suspense. The anticipation. Just think: maybe someone's sent you some perfectly poached eggs in the post - that'd be heavenly. The possibilities are LITERALLY endless. What a day. What a thoroughly good day.

"First one to the parasol gets to hold hands with Justin Bieber for TEN MINUTES!"

But maybe you're having a bad day. Maybe the girl you fancy at school/Uni/work/prison [delete as applicable] didn't respond as well as you'd hoped to your Valentine's overtures and you're now known as 'Creepy Mike who sends eggs in the post' and everyone's laughing at you all merciless and that. And maybe you're sat there listening to Pyramid Song and thinking about ending it all. (Don't - it's a bloody good album and you're only two songs in.)

"Hey, who's the new girl? That six-foot hairy ginger one with the ankle brace?"

Or maybe you're just having a decidedly average day. Just your run of the mill, bog standard Tuesday. Standard breakfast. Standard lunch. Standard dinner in prospect. No exciting package - eggs or otherwise - to look forward to. Sigh.

Selena Gomez definitely has a soul

Whatever sort of day you're having, we bet it's nothing like Selena Gomez's day. In one single day, Selena Gomez went to the beach to film the music video for her new song Who Says AND went to the Grammys to wear a dress. That don't leave a lot of time for poached eggs now though, does it, Gomezster?