And why shouldn't Selena Gomez be chuffed to be hosting the MTV EMA Awards 2011? It's quite an honour. And it’s bound to be a swanky affair; she’ll probably get a wicked goodie bag filled with stuff like Kettle Chips and a keyring that’s also a bottle opener, and if she doesn’t like the way things are going she can always pull the old “and the winner of every single award ever is… Selena Gomez!” card.

But hosting such a heavily-watched awards ceremony is a lot of responsibility to put on her 19-year-old shoulders. Because, as these clips show, awards ceremonies have a habit of going a bit “oh God whose idea was it to sit Hillary Cilnton next to Abu Hamza? Can we cut this? Oh right, it's live, is it? Let's just cut to a still of Janet Jackson's nipples, then".

Sir Patrick Stewart tried to merk James Corden, it didn't go well
(2010 Glamour Awards)

Not everyone likes James Corden but, if you're going to have a pop at him live on stage, you should aim to have some better ammunition than "look everyone he's a bit fat, int he?"

Serene Branson struggled to say words
(2011 Grammy Awards)

She's totes okay, so it's absolutely fine to laugh. We think.

Australia's Next Top Model is... that girl there! Wait, no, it's that other one there!
(Australia's Next Top Model 2011)

Praps not an awards ceremony in the strictest sense, but the moment at around 2:45 puts the 'I'm-going-to-fucking-murder-whoever-is-at-fault-for-this' into 'awkward'.