Selena Gomez is a busy bee. Well, she’s a busy young woman, if you’re going to get picky about it, but our point stands – she’s up to a lot of stuff. Far more stuff than we’re up to, most days.

For instance, most days, we get and think about shaving (but don’t) then come in and write down a few words about women, or fashion, or games, or something. Then we stare out of the window for a few hours and go home. We don’t have much in the way of ongoing projects at all – we’ve been meaning to empty out the detritus that’s clogging up the bottom of the bin, but we haven’t yet.

Selena Gomez promotes her album in London
It's just hard, you know?

Is that even an “ongoing project?” It’s been really grotty for a while, we guess, and we’re not going to sort it out any time soon. Perhaps we should wait until winter comes again, kills off the legions of flies that have taken up residence in the base, and make a focused attack.

Selena Gomez, on the other hand, has an album AND a film out at the same time. The film’s called Monte Carlo (for a plot synopsis, and then an entirely made up synopsis of a better film starring the same characters, have a look at this previous article) and the album’s called When the Sun Goes Down (it includes Love You Like A Love Song, with has a fantastic retro mariachi lightsaber video attached to it).

She was in London yesterday doing signings of said album in HMV, which explains a) these pictures and b) the headline. All those projects AND she’s got time to fly halfway across the world to sign albums. Makes our bin-shirkery seem even more pathetic in comparison – she’s not even 20 yet. And we’re fully grown, unshaven men. Shame on us.