If there’s one thing you can rely on Selena Gomez to do, it’s look fantastic at all times. She’s quite the catch, which is why that Bieber sprog should seriously start counting his blessings. The other thing you can count on her to do is sing songs.

Selena Gomez sings a song
At one point, two medical orderlies ran onstage and attempted to recapture Selena

That is her job, after all – when she’s not acting in films, of course – so that’s a fair enough thing to rely on her for. It’s not we’re relying on her to help us move, or to bring us piping hot Thai cuisine at a moment’s notice, or to properly design bridges in our towns and cities. That would be unfair – we’ve got burly mates, Thai chefs, and civil engineers for that.

We’re glad we’ve got that settled. Where was Selena Gomez singing songs? A place called Clarkston in Michigan. Fascinating, we know. Here are some ‘interesting’ facts about Clarkson Michigan:

Selena Gomez sings a song
Luckily her guitarist managed to fend them off with his hair

- At last count, it contained only 265 families. If you popped round to a different house to borrow a cup of sugar every day, you’d run out of potential sugar-hustling targets in under a year. Although you would have managed to requisition nearly 34 kilos of sugar in that time, which is enough to make nearly 194 Victoria Sponges assuming you have enough flour to go around.

- The full name of the city is 'The City of the Village of Clarkston', which is too long by far.

- Kid Rock hails from Clarkston, a fact that has surprisingly not been removed from the city’s Wikipedia page out of shame.

Selena Gomez sings a song
Selena smiled as she saw a dog running off with an entire ham

- Famed car-maker and armchair fascist Henry Ford used to vacation in Clarkston, owning a small mill and funding the construction of the city’s first sewer system. He no longer visits on account of dying in 1947.

So now you know all there is to know about Clarkston. And you got to look at some pictures of Selena Gomez along the way! Who says learning can’t be fun?