We know what you're thinking. How could anything covered in the embryonic fluid of a chicken possibly be sexy? We hear ya. We were inclined to agree until we saw this video. Because you see it's very clever what they've done here.These women are very attractive women. They are also women wearing small gold bikinis in slow motion. You like slow motion.

Sometimes trendy bands can be a bit annoying. Especially when they wear their outerwear indoors. That pisses us right off. Rain macs are for the RAIN, sunglasses are for when it is SUNNY.

This trendy band in particular are called Tiger Love and they are from London. One of their two top hits is a very edgy song called Pussy Cocaine. You’re probably not trendy enough to understand why that’s trendy though. It's because it's got fanny and drugs in the title – but obviously not in simple edgy way. Noooo you see, it’s ironic postmodernism.

That said, we'll forgive this trendy band because they brought eggs and women in bikinis to the party. And (post modern) slow motion.

In the interests of being the coolest kid in school we once tried wearing Diamante sunglasses. It was a fleeting moment of foolish youth that we’d care to forget. We didn't like it much. We couldn't really see anyone's faces, we lost our friends and everything was dark and scary, but that didn’t matter because we looked like a LEGEND.