The Inbetweeners is back on Monday. That’s great news for two reasons:
1. It makes us laugh so much we’ve got a special pair of ‘Inbetweeners pants’ we wear to watch it, and
b) It’s got three really hot girls in it.

We’ve got even more good news: those three really hot girls – Emily Head, Emily Atack and Hannah Tointon – have done a right raunchy little photo shoot for this month’s FHM Magazine

Both Emily’s have been in the show since it first aired in May 2008, but Hannah (who’s Kara Tointon’s baby sister) is fresh blood.

“I’ve never laughed so much reading something as when I got the audition script,” says Hannah. “I got home after the first audition and got through the whole of Series One and Two in one night. I became a fan overnight.”

“It’s just funny to see what goes through boys’ minds, because as a girl you don’t really know. I think that’s why girls like it. They finally understand the weirdness.”

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