We don't know a lot about German. We learned everything we know entirely from WW2 movies – so we can warn someone if a tank is coming, for example, and then advise them at the speed they should move away from it, but that’s about it. So you can thank Google Translate for the majority of this article.

Sexy Oktoberfest lady
Oh, and some models in tight leather shorts. Thank them too

We can all accept the fact that German traditional dress, like that of any nation, looks pretty daft. However, it looks significantly less daft when it’s being worn by model who’s not wearing much else besides a typically efficient German smile.

All that lederhosen and the like has to come from somewhere –it’s in high demand during Oktoberfest – and one of the largest manufacturers is Angermaier who just so happened to throw a fancy party last night, complete with Playboy Playmates and a variety of beautiful women dressed up in an old-timey fashion strutting up and down the catwalk.

Sexy Oktoberfest Lady
They all have canes, as well. Reasons for this are unclear

Alpine fashion shows not enough for you? They also tapped the first Oktoberfest Beer Barrel (which is apparently a thing), danced until the “early morning hours” to some “Oktoberfest classics” (presumably whilst wearing those daft costumes) and hosted the finale of “Germany’s Largest Drindl Casting.”

A Drindl, we managed to find out after some digging, is either the traditional low-cut dress that yon steinmaidens wear or just a name for the sort of girl who might wear one. We’re going to go out on a limb and suggest that the contest involves both.

Sexy Oktoberfest Lady
Although we kind of prefer the latter if we had to choose

Do you celebrate Oktoberfest? We always have, in a way, even before we knew it existed. But then again we sort of drink a lot of beer all the time, so hey ho.