Yeesh, this news day is about as active as your grandparents’ sex life. The downsides to this are obvious – nothing to write about, no new pics etc – the upsides are less apparent. But they do exist. And they include being able to introduce to girls we’d describe as ‘personal favourites’.

Our conquests have literally never been this satisfied

Shay Maria Kozlowski is one of these. The 20-year-old dancer, model and actress hails from Buena Park, California and has featured in numerous music videos, including Taio Cruz’s Dynamite, Jason Derulo’s Sky is the Limit and Jay Sean’s Do You Remember?.

We don’t remember her in that video, either. But we do remember the first time that we saw her face and body. It was a chilly Wednesday morning in April, 2010 and for some reason or other we were searching for "hot brunettes women with large breasts". As you can imagine, the majority of results were unfit for publication, but 70 or 80 pages in we found this picture (below).

Silver-tongued couch had done it again

We know. Incredible, isn’t it? And once we’d discovered Shay’s name, we found her blog and this fansite. On these pages were numerous similar images and once we’d studied them we were in no doubt. Shay Maria was the second sexiest woman in the world.

Why the hat? She didn't want to catch a cold, silly

What’s that? Who is the sexiest? In our view, it’s Mila Kunis, but don’t let us decide for you. Find your balls, log onto FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll and vote for yourself. After studying these shots of Shay, obviously. After studying these shots of Shay…

PT Instructor was going to let GI Jane's 'uniform' pass