If you're going to call your magazine Jack then you're kind of obliged to have pictures of sexually attractive women between your covers. So well done Italy's Jack magazine for featuring fantastic pictures of Shakira, despite it apparently being some kind of gadget publication (the only Italian we can read is De Niro, so we're just going by the pictures). Here is the pocket-sized Colombian singer gracing the magazine's pages.

Shakira in Jack magazine

Here she is wearing ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS PANTS, the kind usually only sold to old ladies with big floppy bellies, but completely making them work.

Shakira in big pants

If you read through the words on that page it appears to be a timeline of Shakira's career. We have absolutely no idea what most of it means, but we really wish we were fluent in Italian so that we could understand the context of using the words "waka waka". Because those words only generally appear in the context of Muppet stand-up Fozzy Bear, and frankly, if Shakira is embarking on some kind of musical collaboration with Fozzy Bear we really want to know about it. Because you know that's going to be awesome.

Shakira's face

That was Shakira's big lovely face. And this is the cover of Jack magazine. We're sure you'll agree it's quite demonstrably Italian.

Shakira on the cover of Italy's Jack magazine