The last time hip-notic Colombian goddess Shakira was single the world was a very different place. England hadn’t won the Ashes in 13 years. Robbie Williams was ‘the successful one’ from Take That. There was as little chance of the Lib Dems being in power as there was of Boris Johnson being given a job involving any real responsibility.

Thankfully, as Alistair Cook will testify, good things do come to those who wait.  In a message on her website the 33-year-old singer revealed that after 11 years she has split from her Argentinian boyfriend Antonio de la Rua.

No doubt this will cause men around the world to proclaim that they now have a chance with one of the most sought after women on the planet – and why shouldn’t they? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of optimism during this most wintery of winters. A word of warning, however, to any potential suitors – the ex might be a tough act to follow.

Shakira booty shaking
Only a real goddess can make glowing golden orbs with her bum

For instance, Antonio is the eldest son of former Argentine president, Fernando de la Rua, whom he also advised during his presidency. FHM is the eldest son of Stephen, who used to be a deputy headteacher. Antonio founded a non-profit organisation that promotes early childhood development in Latin America. FHM occasionally buys The Big Issue. Antonio owns a 700-acre Bahamian island that Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters calls home. FHM rents a poorly insulated room in Streatham and owns a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon.

But who knows, maybe she’s bored of money and power. There’s only one way to find out, men of the world – look alive! The race is on…