Everybody knows that Shakira has still got it. Hey, she has at least two Oral Fixations and its true that Hips Don’t Lie. In a recent gig at the Lluis Campanys Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, she brought onstage some players from FC Barcelona, including her boyfriend, Gerard Pique. Fans loved it.

Apart from her football encore she also performed some sexy, sexy dancing, wore a getup that was both shiny and tight, did a bit of singing and waved some large novelty fans. The crowd loved all that as well.

Shakira with raised microphone
Microphone regretted making fun of the holes in Shakira's top

Want a reminder about how famous and successful she is? 9.6 million albums, two Grammy awards, and a golden globe nomination. No doubt a great part of these sales being down to strategic use of those curvy hips. Can’t blame her. Shakira also provided the official song for FIFA 2010; Waka Waka (This Time for Africa). In the vid she dances around with a multinational crowd while old football footage plays in the background. Not sure about you but 'Waka Waka' sounds a bit like Pacman noises to us.

She’s currently on another world tour, stopping off at Russia, Germany and Libya amongst other places. No UK dates though? She’s put a new single out, Rabiosa (Rabid). The English language version of the track features Latino rapper, Pitbull.

So… if she were rabid, would she still 'have it'? Maaaaaybe.