Madison Square Garden in New York is just about the pinnacle of performance venues. Once you've done Madison Square Garden you've essentially arrived. We once sang Kumbaya after several bottles of Sainsburys own brand cider in Aunt Beryl's Garden, so we've evidently still got quite some way to go. Shakira, on the other hand, has actually performed at Madison Square Garden. While doing so she wore a little gold top and some enormously tight trousers. We like the attitude she shows in this picture.

Shakira at Madison Square Garden

"SHIT OFF, I'M BLOODY SHAKIRA - WHO ARE YOU??", she seems to say. And quite rightly. She is, after all, Shakira, and that's got to be quite a good thing. Imagine if you were Shakira. You could just spend all day thinking about how much everybody wanted to sleep with you and how you got to sleep with you every night. Then you could look down your top and nobody could do a thing about it. Great.

Shakira in very tight trousers

There would, however, evidently be one surprising downside to being Shakira.

Shakira looks ridiculous

You'd occasionally be gripped by the need to dress like the patron saint of Pepto Bismol.