She's a good soul, Sienna Miller. Going all the way to Dusseldorf for some obscure charity do must be a thankless task. Well, as you can see from Sienna's garb, it was a pretty low-key, dress-down event, the UNESCO Charity Gala 2010. You see, that's the whole idea of charity. Unostentatious, anonymous and humble. Now, you'll say that the presence of a red carpet at the event is anathema to the whole idea of this. And we'd say, well, that's a rather good point. But you can't expect a celebrity of Sienna Miller's calibre to walk on the filthy, cemented ground reserved for the revolting masses. And you'd be stumped for an answer.

Why she's clutching a stuffed, golden-glazed hedgehog that's been fashioned into an award of some sort we'll never know. We thought you loved the animals, Sienna? Maybe every time you save a particular number of lives you're presented with a different award. Coupled with national adulation, philanthropy is not actually a bad business to be in (providing you've got the money to burn). You're already absurdly rich, so the game is to become the most popular figure by seizing the role of figurehead for as many good causes as possible. The only rules are: No eye-gouging or bollock-twisting. Ready? Good. But remember, charity has no place for kindess. It's a warzone.