Who’s Simone Annan? Our sentiments exactly, dear reader, when the lovely Australian songstress got in touch with us last week. She’s just released her first video, see - called Hold On, embedded above for your viewing pleasure - and she wants people to look at it, which is fair enough really.

Luckily for her (and luckily for us) Simone’s blessed with a killer body and a willingness to show it off in a variety of costumes as disparate as they are sexy, ranging from Marie Antoinette (and who amongst us hasn’t fantasised about getting off with the most iconic Queen of France at some point in our lives?) to 1930s mobster (for that bullet-ridden psychopathic chic).


Good stuff. Eagle-eyed viewers will also have noticed the rather large pictures of her in a bikini we’ve scattered throughout this article for you to look at in case you’re averse to moving pictures or the soothing strains of her Aussie vocals.

Simone’s not just a pretty face, though – much like the last girl we’d never heard of who got in touch with us and sent us some sexy pictures Minnie Gupta, she’s smart too. Perhaps even smarter than Minnie.

According to an article in her local paper, Simone not only used to wear glasses (shock horror) but graduated sixth form with a 99.8 TER. We don’t know what a TER is, but that’s only 0.2 percent of a TER off being the absolute best a TER can be. So not only can Simone sing and look good in a bikini (at the same time) but she’d probably beat us in a pub quiz, too. Humbling stuff. Enjoy the video.

Pics by Wayne Jones