This month, not only have FHM brought you tips on batting out of your league, booking the greatest summer holiday ever and becoming a happier person, we've also brought you TWICE as many fit girls as we usually do. May we introduce...

01 Chloe
She's the sexy psychic Scouser with Abbey Clancy for a cousin and she will read AND blow your mind.

Chloe Cummings

02 Beth
If you follow us on Facebook, you might recognise Beth from the picture below. It caused quite a stir this week! For more of where that came from, find her in our latest issue!

Beth Humphreys

03-05 Franziska, Georgia and Rosie
Three of FHM's 100 Sexiest Women In The World hanging out in their pants? AND there's photographic evidence? And you STILL need convincing?

Rosie, Franziska and Georgia

06 Michelle
Ok, time to bring out the big guns. This month's cover star is none other than Michelle Keegan, the sexiest star of soap and, by the looks of things, the woman your girlfriend is about to leave you for...

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