21 years ago, aged just 17, Sofia Vergara was spotted walking along a Colombian beach looking rather attractive by a keen-eyed photographer. She was promptly offered lots of modelling and television work, but was reluctant to accept due to her conservative and religious upbringing. Fortunately, her Catholic schoolteachers gave their personal permission for her to do a Pepsi commercial (that’s American for ‘advert’) and the rest is history.

Let’s all say a big ‘HOORAY’ for Catholic schoolteachers.

And another one for Pepsi, beaches, bikinis and sunshine:

Now, aged 38, with a ream of television and film work under her belt, Sofia Vergara is back on the beach to flog more Pepsi.

She set off for Santa Monica with David Beckham to film another ad for the carbonated cola beverage. 

When Pepsi was first launched, way back in 1898, it was called Brad's Drink, after its founder, Caleb Bradman. It was renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1903 after the core ingredients pepsin and kola nuts. Mmm, pepsin-y. 

Imagine going to the beach with David Beckham. It'd be great, in a way. He's a nice guy so he'd probably buy you a Cornetto and rub sun cream on your back. But, in another way, it might be a bit rubbish. Because he's David Beckham all the women would be poring over him and ignoring you, even in your swanky new board shorts. And, when you're playing keepy-uppy, who d'you think is going to end up looking crap? Former England captain and Champions League winner David 'Goldenballs' Beckham or you with your normally elephantine touch exacerbated by ill-fitting flip flops?

"Let me know when you want your sarong back, Dave"