So Sofia Vergara is up to her old tricks again.  Last year she got all dressed up in awards season in an emerald green number that made her breasts so glorious angels cried when she displayed them. At last night’s SAG awards (that’s Screen Actor’s Guild you sicko) she was making angels cry all over again, but this time in an indigo chiffon number.

That'll be one tankard of ale please Sofia

For those of you who have no idea how this big-busted slice of Latin America came into their lives, we will tell you. She is in the primetime ABC sitcom Modern Family, which has proved as much of a hit in the states as her chest has with us.

Last night she picked up nominations for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor’ and her show won ‘Outstanding Performance by Ensemble in a Comedy Series.’ She has also played the groundbreaking role of ‘jungle girl’ in Entourage, which we like her even more for.

We think she gets a bit fed up of all the tit talk (we certainly don’t) since last time she was asked she said, "If you're asking if my breasts are natural, yes, this is how I've looked since I was 13 years old." Well THAT must have been a bit of a problem on the school bus. She can hardly see her feet as it is. Most thirteen year old boys would play permanent truant rather than face the erection based shame of seeing those booswams every day. God forbid she played basketball.