It's been a while but Sophie Anderton is back with us. She went a bit bonkers after Celebrity Love Island where she was on top 'hot and posh' form. The resounding opinion in the office is that Sophie Anderton was top of her game in those days.

Obviously she was also a bit of a knob on the programme, but it was agreed nobody CARES about that because she looked so bloody good. On the other hand, there has been a fair amount of debate over whether Paul Danan was an unspeakable bellend or actually a bit of a hero. "Who the flipping hell is Paul Danan?" we hear you ask.

(That might just be 'the voices' in our head.) This is Paul Danan:

Bellend or hero?

Yeah, exactly. He might not have aged particularly gracefully, but Sophie Anderton is looking pretty darn fabulous for 34. At 1 minute 26 if you would care to glance back over the video her bottom does some absolutely excellent flapping about while she looks 'supercute.'


Sophie has had a tough few years with some scary drug trouble and brief brushes with the law including one arrest because she tried to get a Eurostar from Waterloo, which didn't exist. And what better way to emerge from a crisis than in your bra and pants swooshing about in a muslin cloth. May she swoosh on with pride, because we still love her.