The other day, a magazine called Sports Illustrated launched an issue called the 'Swimsuit Issue’.

The Swimsuit Issue, you’ll be flabbergasted to hear, contains a lot of swimsuits.

Not like a catalogue of swimsuits for your lady to peruse before buying one to wear on your romantic holiday to Magaluf, no no no. Rather, the swimsuits are tightly wrapped around the buxom bodies of numerous attractive women.

You might think that such a wonderful creation of publishing would require absolutely no promotion, but the folks at Sports Illustrated don’t like to take any chances. So they promptly packed some of their finest zoetic swimsuit-manikins into snug dresses and paraded them around America.

They went on the Late Show with David Letterman. When we say ‘they’, we mean absolutely loads of these nubile stunners.

Who was there exactly? Well, some of the big names, like Irina Shayk and Alyssa Miller, for starters. But, also: Julie Henderson, Anne Vyalitsyna, Izabel Goulart, Christine Teigen, Damaris Lewis, Kate Upton, Anne V and last but not necessarily least because she’s just got an equal chance of being the least since we don’t recognise any of these names, Hilary Rhoda.

Look who forgot their shoes  

We didn't see the Late Show, and we can't imagine how it worked with all those women present. Normally, if there are more than three women involved in a conversation, you're never more than two seconds away from an unplanned discussion about 'how lush Tom Hardy is' or 'emergency lady-shaves' - NEVER good.

Not content with this exposure, Mister S. Illustrated sent his horde of devoted lovelies to stand in front of some shoddily erected wallpaper and hold up copies of the issue.

Even more of them were present at this gathering, including the snappily-named Kasia Gogolkiewicz, Kathy Leutner, Tamaris Freitas, Elisandra To and Shannon Click.

Good work, girls. You’ve earned a nice, long rest. Have a year off until it’s time for the next Swimsuit Issue.

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