To be perfectly honest, we didn’t know a whole lot about Stina Sanders until quite recently.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, we had a party. It was a right old knees up. People came. Drinks were drunk. Shapes were thrown. There was even a pirate there. And, amongst all this piratey MADNESS, we spotted a girl. She looked like this:

Stina Sanders hot
No, the party venue wasn't shit; this is in her hotel room beforehand

Her name was – and still is – Stina Sanders. She does some stuff for Lynx, and she recently appeared in Rio Ferdinand’s #5 Magazine, who were kind enough to suggest we share these lovely photos with you. They were taken by Kris Talikowski Photography, who did a marvelous (although admittedly bloody easy) job of making Stina look rather fantastic.

Stina Sanders sexy
"Argh! That's the last time I varnish this floor; it's a bloody death trap"

We can't really remember much about what we discussed that night, so we did what every modern man does and had a little peruse (read: stalky nose around) of her Twitter page.

Here's what we learnt:

Stina is the kind of gal that enjoys Jaffa Cakes with her evening glass of rosé.

She HATES mornings.

She finds Trigger Happy TV hilarious.

Shina Sanders
She knows about clothes

She recently completed the Bristol Half Marathon in a respectable two hours eleven minutes.

I Am Legend is one of her favourite films.

Her family performed a full rendition of Happy Birthday for their Labrador when it turned nine.

We kind of love her a bit.

Stina Sanders nude
Happy Birthday, boy