That's maybe more alliteration than you want this late on a Monday. Our apologies. Still, we can't resist the urge to put a load of words beginning with the same letter in a row - we are journalists, after all. Technically.

It was Sainsbury's Super Saturday last Saturday. Rather than being a Saturday from the doomed world of Krypton come to save us from evil, or a man bitten by a radioactive weekend who tours Uni towns looking like a T4 presenter in a cape and mask, Super Saturday is (disappointingly) still just a day. But unlike any other day, it's got a miniature music festival in it, held by (you guessed it) Sainsbury's in aid of the London 2012 Paralympics, which is just great.

The Saturdays at Super Saturday
Bus disguised itself as Windows desktop

Luckily for us, both The Saturdays and the Sugababes were there, doing their "singing and dancing" bit as per usual. But which group, do we reckon, is best? And by 'best,' of course, we mean 'contains the most attractive members' because we're tremendously shallow like that.

Mollie King performs with The Saturdays on Super Saturday
Blue knee-high socks: apparently something we find attractive now

IN THE RED CORNER we have The Saturdays, all of whom look as fantastic as ever. Usually we'd predictably just go for Frankie Sandford and gloss over the rest of them, so we're going to break tradition to highlight just how bloody sexy Mollie King is. Just, you know, look at what she's got going on there. Top marks.

Amelle Berrabah of the Sugababes performing at Super Saturday
FUN FACT: It took Amelle three days just to track down that many belts

AAAAND IN THE BLUE CORNER we have the Sugababes - we'll be honest with you, Heidi's the only one that we really recognise out of the three of them, given her veteran status. But we really like bandmate Amelle Berrabah's dress because it's made entirely out of belts. It looks like the sort of dress that a goth wizard could wear whilst casting a curse on people, and sometimes you want that in an item of clothing.

Sugababes at Super Saturday
Heidi had no time for goth witches

So what do you reckon? Who wins it? We're siding with the Saturdays on account of Mollie's long socks, but your opinion may differ. Let us know in the comments, and we'll enter your thoughts into a massive future-computer which will hunt down and terminate the losing girl band with powerful arm-mounted Westingkrup laser cannons.