Facts: Susannah Fielding Age: 25 Born: Poole, Dorset TV shows: The Bill, Doctor Who, Filth Films:, Watching, Cosi

Pretending to tug off a fellow actor under a duvet isn’t as easy as it sounds, as 25-year-old actress Susannah Fielding discovered when making the comedy Pete v Life with Rafe Spall.

“It was my first sex scene and it helped that Rafe and I get on brilliantly. But I’m supposed to be tossing him off under the covers, and of course I didn’t want to get too close to the real object to avoid making him or me feel uncomfortable,” she says. “We did the scene and everyone on the set just burst out laughing. Apparently I had been making the actions in completely the wrong place and making him look like he’s half a metre long.”

It also helped that, rather than a serious scene, it was played for laughs, as the unique thing in Pete v Life (below) – about a loser sports journalist and his incompetence with friends, work and the ladies – is that his every move is scrutinised by two Sky Sports-esque commentators, complete with on-screen graphics and statistics. Fielding plays wide-eyed veggie and love interest, Chloe, who takes Pete home to meet her parents. Cue embarrassing conversations, toilet faux pas and awkward silences.

“I always seem to get on well with the boyfriend’s parents – sometimes better than ?I do with the boyfriend – so I wasn’t drawing off of experience there,” laughs the Dorset girl. “I’m good in an unstructured conversation.”

Fielding, who this year starred in Noel Clarke’s movie, is just at home on the stage as she is trading lines with the new Doctor Who in the recent Victory Of The Daleks episode.

“My first audition was for a Tennessee Williams play, The Rose Tattoo, at the National and I got the part. I’d been working there as an usher dreaming of being on stage. It was very interesting how different you are treated by the audience. I’d gone from being barged into while selling ice creams to having people waiting outside for my autograph.”

Next up is the musical comedy film Cosi with Richard E Grant which gave her a chance to test out her under-used singing skills.

“I had to learn to sing opera in Italian for the part. When my ex-classmates at drama school found out they wet themselves laughing as I was petrified of singing,” she says. “I would rather dance around naked than sing in front of people. The first day on set I had terrible food poisoning, so I was green and shaking but still managed to get through the song. I think if you can sing opera with food poisoning you can do anything.”

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