We’re taking bets on who’s sexier – Frankie off the Saturdays or ex-Pussycat Doll dancer Kim Wyatt? Will you help us decide? Oh, you will? That’s so selfless of you.

The Scots, for reasons best known to themselves, continue to host T in the Park outside year after year, despite the fact that it takes place in Scotland. Scotland is the worst place to hold anything outside ever, due to the fact that Scotland is actually wetter than many parts of the Irish Sea.

And yet. Luckily they manage to jazz up the whole affair with some tremendously sexy ladies, and we can’t decide who’s sexier. Maybe you can help us out. Maybe you won’t help us out and are just here to look at the pictures – that’s okay too. We don’t really mind.

Frankie Sandford at T in the Park 2011

IN THE RED CORNER is Frankie Sandford off the Saturdays. Frankie is dressed in a midriff-revealing ensemble of a tiny top, a tiny jacket (with tiny spikes to deter tiny attackers) and tiny, shiny pants that are clearly from the future. We like her hands-on hips attitude – defiant, almost, as if to say “Damnit Scotland, I don’t care how awful your weather record is, I’m determined to look sexy.”

Ex Pussycat Doll Kimberley Walsh at T in the Park

AAAAND IN THE BLUE CORNER is less-well-known but still remarkably fit Kimberley Wyatt who used to be in that group The Pussycat Dolls. Unlike Frankie, who’s purchased her outfit from a dystopian future, Kim has purchased hers from the past as she is obviously the Queen of Fairies. With her sparkly top, wings, golden tresses and a big fat belt made out of hedges, she cuts quite the dash.

So who’s it to be? Frankie’s sassy short-haired sex appeal, or Kim’s foxy flowing fairy glamour? There’s only one way to find out. COMMENTS!