Taylor Momsen, lead singer of The Pretty Reckless, is a forgetful sort. For example, while on stage at the Montreux Jazz festival in Switzerland, she forgot to wear trousers. Silly old Taylor Momsen.

You know, perhaps that’s the mark of a good job. If you forgot to wear trousers to your workplace, what’d happen? At best you’d get sent home. At worst you’d get fired, especially if your job involves working with children or serving the public in some way.

Taylor Momsen performs sans trousers
"Bugger," realised Momsen, "it's happened again"

But Taylor Momsen has one of the best jobs in the world - when she forgets to wear trousers, it all goes very well for her and she gets written about on FHM.com, because she a) is pretty hot b) is a glamorous rockstar and c) just don’t give a fuck, as we’re led to believe.

You know who else doesn’t wear trousers? Newsreaders, we bet. Think about it. When’s the last time you’ve seen Huw Edwards’ legs? Probably never. We reckon he spends the entire show just sat in his boxers and socks, kicking his legs back and forth during news segments and feeling the breeze on his hairy naked legs.

 Taylor Momsen performs sans trousers
"Best press on regardless, hopefully no-one will notice"

We also like to imagine that Susanna Reid doesn’t wear trousers when she’s presenting either. But that’s for a different, much more private reason that we won’t into detail on now. Oh, Susanna. We’d led you examine our morning briefs any time.

Moving on! Congratulations, Taylor, for having such a great job and such a lax memory when it comes to clothing yourself. Full marks all round.