Think carefully – when was the last time you sang in your underwear? The last time Taylor Momsen did it, someone was kind enough to take some pictures of her doing so. But what about you?

Maybe you were singing on the way to the bathroom this morning, still bepantsed from slumber, greeting the morning sun with a cheery tune. Although that paints a rather idyllic picture of your life, and you probably just crawled through and collapsed under the shower like every other morning before half-heartedly making some toast and then eating it on the train.

Taylor Momsen singing in her underwear
Desperately trying not to get jam on your suit

Maybe you sang to your significant other in some kind of sexy serenade. You probably wore your best pants and everything – the nice ones you keep for special occasions, we all do it, don’t pretend you don’t. It’s strange, though – when a lady sings to us in her pants, that’s sexy. Even if she can’t sing particularly well.

The minute you start belting out 2 Become 1 in your scanties, though, that’s a laugh riot for your missus. We were so upset we couldn’t even carry on to finish with Stay Another Day. Rubbish. That’s double standards for you right there.

Taylor Momsen singing in her underwear
We made a mixtape and everything

Maybe it was when you were performing as a stripper and they asked you to cover for Big Mike who was off sick that night, and you weren’t as experienced (or, let's face facts, as well-endowed) as him so instead you sang Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff at the top of your lungs to a packed room of businesswomen in their thirties.

Oh, we’re not supposed to talk about that one? Sorry.